Marketing Data Optimization
For The Service Contract Space.

LeadGo is a comprehensive lead management solution for the service contract industry. From flat file lead loads, and API feed setup, to performance reporting and AI powered list creation. LeadGo optimizes efficiency by simplifying all data related tasks within a simple user friendly UI, while providing powerful insights through detailed reporting, BI analytics and profound dashboards.


Consume & Propagate

LeadGo offers a central portal to consume and manage all marketing data in any form, and quickly propagate data to CRM's, Dialers and Data management systems. 

Track & Report

Once integrated LeadGo automatically retrieves event data from dialers & CRM's. This valuable data drives reporting, analytics and AI powered marketing optimization features. 

Marketing Optimization

LeadGo Leverages all available streams of data for AI driven lead scoring, providing the tools to isolate eligible and high quality leads for re-marketing opportunities. A crucial features to optimize CPA results.


API & Flat File Data 

Managing lead flat files and vendor data feeds has never been easier. Quickly create configure and assign to integrated crm's and dialers. 

Data Performance Reporting

Simple yet powerful dashboards to deep data analytics. Consuming event data from integrated services allows LeadGo to provide insightful stories to assist in making quick and confident business decisions. 

CRM & Dialer Integrations

Quickly create new connections to the tools  you already use. With a few clicks you can be propagating marketing data to all the popular crm's and dialers in the space. Custom integrations are welcome. 

Internal Marketing Solutions

LeadGo leverages your existing data from vendors, crms, dialers and proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide you with internal sources to re-marketing lists and autonomous streams of data, maximizing your CPAs.

CRM Integration

Establishing two-way communication with popular CRM solutions is crucial in creating effortless reporting solutions and marketing optimization! 


Go Forte


Moxy CRM


Inline CRM

Lead Capsule

Lead Manager


Sales Portal


365 CRM

Dialer Integration

LeadGo has teamed up with the top names in the dialer space to ensure seamless integration to the most popular telephonic services.



Dial Ninja

Call System





Blacklist Alliance Integration

The Blacklist Alliance Integration offers a comprehensive compliance and risk management solution to the lead generation industry and other companies engaged in direct response marketing campaigns; an intensely regulated activity fraught with legal pitfalls.


Robust API

Our API allows lead consumption from any source. Setting up new stream is done with a few clicks


LeadGo can expose listening webhooks which can be embedded on any external form making it easy to integrate existing form data into the central workflow.

Google API

LeadGo can integrate directly into your Google Ad campaign manager to capture information related to your workflow.


Facebook API

LeadGo can integrate directly into your Facebook Ad campaign manager to capture information related to your workflow.

Bing Ads API

LeadGo can integrate directly into your Bing Ad campaign manager to capture information related to your workflow.

Custom Integration

If your workflow extends beyond our established functionality, our team can create custom solutions!


Lead Respawn 

With a switch of a button you can activate a proprietary lead respawn system which leverages your own call, deal and lead data with advanced AI predictive modeling to isolate high potential conversions. The respawn feature will identify eligible leads, and inject them back into your marketing resources for a hands off and effective autonomous lead source.


Reporting & Analytics


Vendor Performance Reports


CPA & Sales Reports


Mail Performance Analytics


Custom Reporting

Solutions For Your Business

We offer three tiers of service providing a good fit for any size call center operation. You can review the below table for a summary of features in each tier. 

Features Basic Standard Premium AI
Flat File Management
API Feed Management
Blacklist Management
Recall List Generator
Lead Respawn System

Pricing Plans

A pricing plan for any budget. Because everyone's needs are different! Prices are per month!


*additional hosting
fees may apply.

Basic                Bread & Butter


*additional hosting
fees may apply.

Standard        A Balanced Solution      


*additional hosting
fees may apply.

Premium AI
Our Very


Customer satisfaction is our most important KPI!

Customer of the Month!

"LeadGo has been crucial in streamlining our data management process and helped optimize our marketing budget with easy to use tools."


Chip Mcgraw


Our Team

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

Questions and Answers

Back-end framework allows for decoupling of application code to database implementation. Ability to easily swap DB technology without rewriting existing code. Heavy usage of Redis caching which allows for snappy user experience and reduced load on database. Robust queue system Offers ability to offload processes to salable background process workers. This allows a client’s request to be served while time-consuming tasks are run behind the scenes asynchronously. Exposed public API. Any features of the application can be used outside the context of a web request (ex: native mobile app clients, dashboard systems, other applications) JSON APIOAuth2 authentication Fully unit tested Nearly every line of code is backed by automated unit tests which allows for confidence in rapid development. Modern JS front end. Vue.js (similar to React) is a modern JavaScript library which makes for a snappy front-end user experience on the web. Allows for easy implementation of modern browser capabilities like JS service workers, LocalStorage, and WebSockets

We are currently integrated with Vici, Ytel, Volie, Dial Ninja, Forte, Domus, Inline, Moxy and Lead Capsule. However we can complete any API integration or custom feature requests as needed to accommodate unique call center needs. 

All data is secured both in transit and at rest. By default every file retrieved using high-strength Transport Layer Security or SSH. Once uploaded every file is encrypted at rest using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. This is an extremely high level of encryption and is considered the industry standard for data protection in the cloud. 

LeadGo leverages AI predictive modeling technologies and techniques to isolate and filter potential conversion opportunities within your existing data. LeadGo utilizes all event data and historical learning models to create these pattern finding tools. 

Basic Use Tutorial Videos

Who Are We?

LeadGo is a small team of people passionate about technology and data. We strive to create solutions that are intuitive and cost effective.

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LeadGo is a small team of people passionate about technology and data. We strive to create solutions that are intuitive and cost effective.

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29839 Santa Margarita Pkwy

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